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Our projects with bundesliga clubs

Together with VfL Wolfsburg we put kids’ soccer in the first place. We produced over 30 videos for coaches based on the VfL Wolfsburg kids’ soccer philosophy. Those videos are delivered to thousands of coaches in Germany, Japan and China - and soon to all English speaking soccer coaches around the world. The digital aid for youth coaches is completed with several web-seminars we produced together for coaches and heads of youth departments in Germany.

<p>VfL Wolfsburg</p>, <br/>

VfL Wolfsburg

We are an official cooperation partner with the youth department of the German Bundesliga club VfB Stuttgart. With our help, VfB Stuttgart is providing training aid to all their partner clubs and their coaches. Better training in their partner clubs broadens their talent promotion and increases talent development in the region around Stuttgart.

With the help of coaches from U11-U15, we produced training videos exclusively for platform users.

<p>VfB Stuttgart Youth</p>, <br/>

VfB Stuttgart Youth

Eintracht Frankfurt improves its youth training efficiency.

A video based training analysis helped the bundesliga club to adjust the training structure. Workshops and seminars supported the whole youth departement on its way to a more excellent and more sustainable coaching.

In less than 14 days the whole academy changed its way to produce new bundesliga players.

<p>SG Eintracht Frankfurt</p>, <br/>

SG Eintracht Frankfurt

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Simultaneous 1v1 | Opponent from the front - Organization

In modern soccer every field player has to be a good dribbler: Attackers win their 1v1 and can make a difference in the game. And defenders dribble into free spaces in order to get the ball behind the opponent.

This exercise offers a lot of 1v1 situation with the goal to pass in a mini goal.

Simultaneous 1v1 | Opponent from the front - Coaching

The FUNino-Set-Up usually forces the attacker to dribble towards the mini-goals. If not, here is how you can coach the players.

4v4 Cone-Thief | VfL Wolfsburg

Playing simultaneously with 2 balls. This will make the teams communicate when they want to be successful.

A game full of action.

Alternating 3v2 Wing-Play | VfB Stuttgart

Combination play starting from the wings. Your players learn to play out counterattacks which start at the wing-back.

Tip: Let the teams change sides, so that every team gets a chance to attack from the left and right wing.”

2v1 to 2v1 | Transition - Organization

Playing with purpose when outnumbered. Dribbling into free space, passing, positioning, and shooting. This exercise has everything that is required in soccer matches.

Due to only four players participating, every involved player will have the chance to develop.

Zipper-Shooting | VfL Wolfsburg

Dribbling, Shooting, and Goalkeeping. This VfL Wolfsburg exercise is perfect for adding fun and speed to your training.

Switching 1v1 | Opponent from the front - Organization

From catching game to 1v1. In this game form, your players learn to read the game. And of course, win their 1v1 by changing speed and direction.

Tip: If an action takes too long, count down for the attacker and he will be forced to finish faster.

Switching 1v1 | Opponent from the front - Coaching

Where does the attacker have to run? How does he react on the defender?

Find out in the coaching video.

Switching 2v2 | VfB Stuttgart

This little tournament is perfect to train endurance with fun and soccer specific. Who's going to make the most consecutive goals?

Back Four against Back Four | VfB Stuttgart

Training the principles of a back four in a competition.

Shifting of play helps to create gaps. Mini-goals serve as targets and replace the midfield players.


What will the platform be like?

The Platform is designed to deliver you top-edge quality content for your training. You can easily plan your training with our videos. Or simply use our planned sessions.

How can I participate from ADVANCE.FOOTBALL?

As a coach: just wait for the platform-launch.

As a club: contact us and we'll find the perfect solution for you.


Offering excellent and sustainable training to children and young people - training that inspires - is what has driven us as coaches for 15 years now. We are glad to contribute this to you.

To make this offer possible for you, we risked our 1st. Bundesliga Youth Academies job in 2016 and became entrepreneurs overnight. Currently, we at ADVANCE.FOOTBALL support thousands of coaches in all divisions on several continents and several clubs. This has brought us a step closer to our vision:

Our vision is, that all children experience age and developmentally appropriate soccer training.

Who is working with ADVANCE.FOOTBALL?

We work with thousands of coaches and hundreds of clubs all over the world. Currently we focus on the German-speaking football. We also provide our content in Japan together with the Bundesliga Pro Makoto Hasebe.

In Germany we work together with clubs like Eintracht Frankfurt, FC St. Pauli, VfB Stuttgart and VfL Wolfsburg.


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